Berylls Town
Required Level 55
Recommended Level 55
Required Guild Size 0
Floors -
Action Points 10
Prospect 106 G

Berylls is known for being the hometown of King Branbury. It doesn't have the same grandeur as Branbury or Soresbury, but it has it's own beauty and orderliness, and the city is teeming with the spirit of honor and respect.

Given the historical background, many adventurers visit this city, and various blacksmiths and training facilities exist to cater to them. As a result, this city is known for its quality weaponry, and is the primary supplier of equipment for the Kingdom.

Although far away from the kingdom, it is an outpost city in a strategic location. Surrounded by the remnants of Demonus' forts from the past, the site is perfect for overlooking the recent activities of Lord Demonus and his subordinates.


Berylls Town is on the western part of the continent, near the Inland Sea. Berylls shares a connecting road with Kollbury Mine Town and has trails that lead directly to four dungeons and is indirectly connected to two others.

Connected locations and roads include:


Equipment found in the town shop are of levels 48, 63 or 78.


  • One-Handed Swords: Gladiator Sword, Soldier Sword, Red Stone Sword
  • Axes: Barbarian Axe, Barbarian Soldier Axe, Iron Handle Axe
  • Daggers: Soldier Knife, Combat Knife, Dirk
  • Spears: Battle Fork, Partisan, Glaive
  • Rods: Searcher's Rod, Seeker's Rod, Rod of the God Tree
  • Two-Handed Swords: Two Handed Merc Edge, Big Bone Crushing Sword, Cosmic Destroyer
  • Bows: Nomadic Bow, Bow of the Ancient, Antler Bow


  • Heavy: Commander's Armor, Apprentice's Armor, Light Armor
  • Medium: Healer's Cuirass, Chain Mail, Alloy Armor
  • Light: Town Guard's Leather, Town Captain's Leather, Gemmed Clothing
  • Robes: Advanced Robe, Superior Robe, Master Robe
  • Shields: Guard Shield, Round Buckler, Protector Shield
  • Spell Books: Book of Master Magic, Book of Celestial Magic, Book of Advanced Magic


  • Power Headgear: Journeyman Hat, Veteran Hat, Master Hat
  • Defense Headgear: Copper Half Helmet, Iron Half Helmet, Steel Half Helmet
  • Magic Headgear: Black Academic Hat, Blue Academic Hat, White Academic Hat
  • Resistance Headgear: Red Long Hat, Blue Long Hat, Purple Long Hat


As in all town shops, the only purchasable foods are: Apple, Banana, Pineapple.


The monsters fond in town are all level 55 and include the Wild Boar and Spiky.

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