Kollbury Mine Town
Required Level 38
Recommended Level 38
Required Guild Size 0
Floors -
Action Points 10
Prospect 93 G

Kollbury is a mining town that produces various ironstones and minerals, making it an ideal place for blacksmiths to forge quality weapons.

There's an unmistakable air of confidence in Kollbury that is quite uplifting. Each year,its townspeople enjoy a week long celebration to commemorate the collapse of Lord Demonus' cavalry, which once took residence here. As word spread about the demise of Lord Demonus, the townspeople rallied together to push the powerful army
out of their town for good.

With the resurrection of Lord Demonus, one can only imagine he'll soon return to take possession of the town again. Hopefully, the townspeople will be able to summon the courage to prevent this from happening.


Kollbury Mine Town is in the northern most town on the map and connects to three dungeons and two towns.

Connected locations and roads include:


Equipment found in the Kollbury Mine Town shop is of level 18, 33 or 48.


  • One-Handed Swords: One-handed Sword, Sharp Blade Sword, Gladiator Sword
  • Axes: Battle Axe, Soldier Axe, Barbarian Axe
  • Daggers: Dagger, Adventurer’s Dagger, Soldier Knife
  • Spears: One-handed Spear, Javelin, Battle Fork
  • Wands: Young Tree Rod, Old Tree Rod, Searcher’s Rod
  • Two-Handed Swords: Big Wing Sword, Sword of Power, Two Handed Merc Edge
  • Bows: Hunter Bow, Composite Bow, Nomadic Bow


  • Heavy: Guard Armor, Gladiator Armor, Commander’s Armor
  • Medium: Leather Half-Cuirass, Yellow Stone Cuirass, Healer’s Cuirass
  • Light: Nomadic Clothes, Sunlight Clothes, Town Guard’s Leather
  • Robes: Novice’s Topcoat, Expert’s Topcoat, Advanced Robe
  • Shields: Big Shield, Leather Shield, Guard Shield
  • Spell Books: Book of the Dead, Holy Spell Book, Book of Master Magic


  • Power Headgear: Leather Hat, Sun Light Hat, Journeyman Hat
  • Defense Headgear: Face Guard, Steel Face Guard, Copper Half Helmet
  • Magic Headgear: Colorful Banded Hat, Golden Banded Hat, Black Academic Hat
  • Resistance Headgear: Traveler’s Hat, Apprentice Hat, Red Long Hat


As in all town shops, the only purchasable foods are: Apple, Banana, Pineapple.


The monsters found in Kollbury Mine Town are all level 38 and include Spiky, Spore Shroom, Killer Candle, and Wild Boar.

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