Orc's Fort
Required Level 9
Recommended Level 10
Required Guild Size 0
Floors 10
Action Points 10
Travel Cost 225 G

To the north of Roundsbury, you'll find steep mountains with many peaks and valleys. Follow the trail until you see a series of peaks that look like a dragon's spine. On the other side of those peaks is an open valley with a building that doesn't match its surroundings.

For many years, this building was protected by an impenetrable gate, but that gate has mysteriously opened. Please find out who ... or what opened it.

Be sure to replenish your supplies before heading out, because this will be a long journey for your team.


Orc’s Fort is the fifth dungeon a player will be able to explore. It is in the eastern part of the map near Roundsbury Town and Ice Cave.

Connected towns, dungeons and roads include:


Orc’s Fort has 10 floors, the boss is a level 12 Ogre of the fighter class who can be found on the top floor.

Floors and MonstersEdit

This is a listing of each floor in the dungeon with the name, level and quantity of each monster that appears on a given floor; on the boss floor there is only the boss.

  1. Wild Beast (lvl 9)x4
  2. Wild Beast (lvl 10)x3, Orc (lvl 10)x2
  3. Wild Beast (lvl 10)x3, Orc (lvl 10)x2
  4. Wild Beast (lvl 10)x1, Orc (lvl 10)x4
  5. Wild Beast (lvl 10)x1, Orc (lvl 10)x2, Orcish Archer (lvl 10)x2
  6. Orc (lvl 11)x1, Orcish Archer (lvl 11)x2, Orc Mage (Level 11)x2
  7. Orc (lvl 11)x1, Orcish Archer (lvl 11)x2, Orc Mage (Level 11)x2
  8. Orcish Archer (lvl 11)x2, Orc Mage (Level 11)x2, Orc Chief (Level 11)x1
  9. Orcish Archer (lvl 11)x2, Orc Mage (Level 11)x2, Orc Chief (Level 11)x1
  10. Ogre (Level 12) - Boss


Prospecting in this dungeon will earn an adventurer 71G.

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