Soresbury Town
Required Level 16
Recommended Level 16
Required Guild Size 0
Floors -
Action Points 10
Prospect 77 G

The town of Soresbury is the trade center of the kingdom. All of the commodities from nearby towns eventually end up here, making it a must-see location for travelers looking to improve their equipment.

Soresbury is also heavily influenced by Eastern cultures. Here, adventurers commonly seek jobs as Samurais or Monks.

Many years ago, Soresbury was occupied by Lord Demonus' army of monsters, and the townspeople fear he might do the same again if given the chance.


Soresbury Town is in the northeast part of the map is connected to two towns, two dungeons directly and “indirectly” to two others.

Connected locations and roads include:


Equipment found in the town shop is of levels 8, 18 or 33.


  • One-Handed Swords: Gladius, One-handed Sword, Sharp Blade Sword
  • Axes: Hand Axe, Battle Axe, Soldier Axe
  • Daggers: Adventurer's Knife, Dagger, Adventurer's Dagger
  • Spears: Short Spear, One-handed Spear, Javelin
  • Wands: Lightweight Rod, Young Tree Rod, Old Tree Rod
  • Two-Handed Swords: Two Handed Light Edge, Big Wing Sword, Sword of Power
  • Bows: Short Bow, Hunter Bow, Composite Bow


  • Heavy: Infantry Armor, Guard Armor, Gladiator Armor
  • Medium: Metal Cuirass, Leather Half Cuirass, Yellow Stone Cuirass
  • Light: Traveler's Clothes, Nomadic Clothes, Sunlight Clothes
  • Robes: Novice Cloth, Novice's Topcoat, Expert's Topcoat
  • Shields: Square Shield, Big Shield, Leather Shield
  • Spell Books: Intermediate Book, Book of the Dead, Holy Spell Book


  • Power Headgear: Purple Bandana, Leather Hat, Sun Light Hat
  • Defense Headgear: Leather Face Guard, Face Guard, Steel Face Guard
  • Magic Headgear: Hat of Magic Spells, Colorful Banded Hat, Golden Banded Hat
  • Resistance Headgear: Red Cloth Hat, Traveler's Hat, Apprentice Hat


As in all town shops, the only purchasable foods are: Apple, Banana, Pineapple.


The monsters fond in Soresbury Town are all level 16.

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