Here are my ramblings about a possible improvement to the front page.

The menu layout and title screen on the main part of the page are awesome and I'm totally not talking about those, it's the right hand of the page that I feel could do with some reorganization. The giant "latest activity " column looks cluttered and the "Wiki Activity" button is just above it - which shows the same stuff; instead of showing every single edit in huge blocks on the side, let that button take care of it! =P I think that maybe that space could be better utilized with a layout change to display other information. The Castle Age Wiki does a nice job in that regard. Here, things obviously might be switched around a bit, but having LT news updates I think are pretty important as they bring the latest on the game - especially with all of the updates recently. Linking the five or six newest -articles- is good, and maybe a link for a to-do list would be helpful for getting new people into making additions. Maybe even have a "featured article of the week" or something? Again, this has just been me rambling - have any thoughts? (Be it shooting this down, saying meh or giving a thumbs up) =D

Silwen Branford 02:05, December 25, 2010 (UTC)

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